Big Bend Overland Tours

Few visitors realize just how immense Big Bend National Park is. It takes over an hour just to drive from one side of the park to the other, and that's without stops, on the paved road! Taking a tour means no driving for you—and we can make sure you get the most out of your time.

On our tour, your party will be the only ones in our 4WD Ford Excursion. With a knowledgeable guide, you'll be able to see where the bodies are buried, and learn just how the forces of nature have carved out the park over millions of years. We will lead you to hidden vistas, and share our knowledge of the flora and fauna.

Mariscal Mine Add-on

Isolated far in the back of the park is a mine, abandoned since the 1940’s, Here the cinnabar ore was mined, heated up and processed to get mercury. You’ll be able to travel back in time as you hike up the half mile to the remarkably well preserved old buildings, and wander around the stacked-rock ruins. This is truly a unique spot! Add on to Glenn Springs Tour, to make a total of an eight hour tour, $595, including lunch.

You'll be able to hike up to the remains of the buildings and the barred entrances to the mine shafts.

Ernst Tinaja Tour

Six miles down a bumpy gravel road is the trail head to one of the most unique features of the park, Ernst Tinaja. Pronounced tin-ah-ha, a tinaja is a hole, formed by years of seasonal water pounding on the rock. There is a mile round trip hike down a sandy, uneven wash, and a climb over some fantastic sandstone/limestone formations. Five hour tour, $350, not including tax. Includes picnic lunch.

Balanced Rock Tour

Seven miles down a rough gravel road takes us to the trail head for the Balanced Rock trail head. The first ¾ mile hike is fairly easy-- but the last quarter mile is a challenge. Weak knees, balance issues, or extreme fear of heights might not be a good fit for this hike, although the guide is always ready to help if you are willing!

This is a low desert hike, and may not be advised in summertime. Four hours, $200, lunch not included (may be ordered extra).

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