Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Where is the nearest ATM?
A: There are ATMs located in the Basin Camp Store as well as the Panther Junction Gas Station store.

Q: Where can I get groceries in the park?
A: Groceries are available at Rio Grande Village, the Chisos Basin, and the gas station at Panther Junction. There is a limited selection of groceries at Castolon.

When is the busy season in Big Bend?
A: We recommend booking at least six months in advance if you plan to visit anytime from October-June.Spring is our busiest - during March and April and sometimes into May when the Texas school districts, colleges and universities are on spring break. Thanksgiving and Christmas can be extremely busy, also. Make lodging reservations early if you plan to visit Big Bend during any holiday period. While you can not make reservations for campgrounds in the park, there are camping options outside of the park that may take reservations.

Q: How hot and cold does it get in Big Bend?
A: It can get as hot as 115-120 degrees F along the river during late May and June. However, the temperatures will normally be in the range of 88-110 degrees F during the hottest time of the year - the lower end of that range being in the Basin, the hotter temperatures along the river. The winter months (December, January, and February) can bring cold weather, dropping temperatures down into the thirties, and occasionally bringing snow. However, interspersed with these cold spells are spells of very comfortable, warm weather (70's or 80's and even higher sometimes, down on the river). The nights, however, are commonly freezing or below - in the 20's or teens down on the river.

Q: When do the wildflowers bloom?
A: Generally, desert plants bloom in the spring, while plants in the Chisos Mountains bloom in the late summer, during the rainy season. March and April are probably the best time to see the park in bloom, but flowers can be seen almost throughout the year. Every year is different, depending on rainfall levels. Big Bend does not always look like the pictures on postcards. It is very difficult to predict when the best weeks will be.

Q: Is pet boarding available outside the park?
A: The closest place to board your pet is in Alpine, TX at the Alpine Small Animal Hospital. Their phone number is 432-837-5416.

Q: What environmental awards or recognitions has Chisos Mountains Lodge received?
A: Chisos Mountains Lodge became a member of the Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA) National Environmental Performance Track Program in September 2005.

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